I fully agree with your use of machines in the classroom, if they are not improving your student’s skills, then it is not worth it.

Class Teaching

In this article PE teacher Lizzie Wolstenholme (@DHS_GCSEDance) reflects on her year long ‘Learning Innovator’ project, looking at the use of ICT to support and enhance learning in PE.

lwl4When I first took up the role of introducing ICT into our PE department I have to admit, I thought I might be spending the year trying to find innovative ways to use flip cams, stopwatches and televisions. I now can’t believe how wrong I was.  I feel like the many uses of ICT are so vast and that actually, I’m only just scraping the top of the iceberg.

My role so far has involved working closely with two classes, a GCSE dance group and a year 9 gifted and talented group. These classes have been subject to top if of the range ICT access, such as iPods, iPads, twitter groups and edmodo as a homework tool.

I first started using these…

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